Started in 2012 by UMass Lowell alum Cam Preciado, Christian Hill Studios was launched as his personal marketing brand.

"Designing the FUTURE of Lowell businesses" read their headlines back in the day. "A marketing powerhouse" the newspapers read. Cam's innovative projects led to a takeover of over of 18 units in 2014 which he quickly expanded to the current 33 units operation less than a year later, all fully supporting artists and entrepreneurs with private spaces and other perks. In 2016 the company was sold but later recovered by Cam with 100% of the company and ran it from his new home in Honolulu, Hawaii where he moved with his beautiful wife Kaitlin (shortly after selling the company.)

Today, Cam's new company Pacific Creative Studios rebranded the studios to Atlantic Creative Studios. He has a variety of projects including digital magazines in several cities, a merchandise line, an array of marketing services, and a new lamp business. 

Here at Atlantic Creative Studios, we are committed to serving the many small business entrepreneurs and the creative community with affordable studio office spaces and marketing services. And with expansion plans for 2018 and the launch of an after school program, Atlantic Creative Studios is poised to make a huge impact for many years to come. Aloha!

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Cam Preciado,  Founder & Director

Cam Preciado, Founder & Director

Yaniery Martinez,  Property Manager

Yaniery Martinez, Property Manager

Artwork By Isaiah Stephens

Artwork By Isaiah Stephens

Artwork By Isaiah Stephens

Artwork By Isaiah Stephens