Please read the following Membership Agreement Form to familiarize yourself with our policies here at Atlantic Creative Studios (A Pacific Creative Studios Brand). We are a shared space community and we strive to provide you with a safe environment by strictly implementing everything discussed in this lease. Please make sure you understand everything before signing and committing to a lease with us. Membership fees are due on the first of the month and multiple late payments can result in a lease termination. Lease terminations can also occur for: smoking inside the building, partying, illegal, underage drinking, overnight stays, and the obvious of breaking any laws. If you have any questions please connect before filling out the form below. 

To Move In, We Need:

Your Completed Lease Below

First, Last Month and Utilities (currently at $400 for 12 month leases)

Refundable $50 key deposit (with building owner)

Copy of your driver’s license

Copy of a most recent utility bill with your current living address.

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Membership Agreement & Regulations

Welcome to Atlantic Creative Studios, here to provide you with a space where you can build your business and creative aspirations. We also offer graphics, website, and other marketing services to help your projects grow. This Membership Agreement is made between Atlantic Creative Studios (A Pacific Creative Studios Brand) at Wyman's Exchange and you the "MEMBER" for the purpose of renting out the studio/office space listed for the listed duration. To secure your lease during this time and to ensure a lease extension please respect our community rules and regulations listed below.

It is against the law to smoke indoors of a commercial building. There is to be NO SMOKING of any kind inside the building or in the fire escape. If you wish to smoke you must go out the front door and away from the entrance so as not to have any smoke go into the building. Likewise, there is to be no burning of incense or candles. Strong smells can be disruptive to your neighbors on your floor and on floors above you (travels through vents.) A smoking violation could result in us reporting you to the authorities, a fine, an immediate termination of your lease, or all of the above.

While there is 24 hour access, overnight stays are strictly prohibited. These spaces are for professional use and the 24 policy is in case one has to work late or come in early. Consistent overnight use could result in a review of a lease. If it is discovered that someone is sleeping regularly in their space their lease could be terminated.

Your foot traffic should be limited to you, your clients, associates, employees or coworkers. The spaces are not meant to be used for social gatherings. Liquor for you or your guests is to be kept INSIDE your studio space.

Noise levels should be kept at a professional level at all times, unless you are a musician. Musician must play AFTER hours, meaning after 5-6pm when the building and most of the other tenants there are gone. Remember this is a shared space and you never know when someone might be in the studio next to you trying to get work done. Also, keep your space clean and in a professional state in the case that we have to do inspections of any kind (city, fire, health, or as mandated by building owner.) The option for a future extension will be based on timely rent payments (and the compliance to the listed rules and regulations.)   

The violation of any of these rules will result in verbal or written warnings and we have a 3 STRIKE POLICY. In the case that your lease is terminated, you will be given no less than 14 days or until the end of the month to vacate your space IF IT IS NOT A LEGAL BREACH. If you have broken any state or Federal laws, including smoking indoors. In this case we will give 24-48 hours minimum time to relocated and vacate the space. If more time is needed and requested with proper notice, more time can be given accordingly. We reserve the right to terminate this lease based on whether or not you, the member met all requirements and regulations stated in this lease agreement and through additional notices given. This includes timely membership payments, acceptable use of the 24 hr policy, cleanliness of the space, appropriate foot traffic, etc. When renewing your lease, expect to see an increase of about $25-$50/month for the duration of the new lease terms.  



Membership Fees are due on the 1st of the month. The 5th of the month is the late payment grace period. A late fee in the amount of $25/week shall be assessed if payment is not postmarked or received on or before midnight on the fifth day of the month. If Membership Fees are still unpaid by the last day of that month without written or verbal communication explaining any special financial circumstances, the Landlord reserves the right to give written notice either by email, text, or Facebook Messenger that this lease has been terminated. IN THE CASE OF A TERMINATED LEASE DUE TO UNPAID FEES, THE TENANT WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PAYMENT OF ANY UNPAID FEES AND WILL BE BILLED AN EARLY TERMINATION FEE (if incident occurs prior to lease ending date). Tenant will be expected to vacate the studio space in a timely fashion and within 7 days.

Payments can be made by:

Facebook Messenger (Add CEO Cam Preciado),

PayPal (Send Payments To PacificCreativeStudios@gmail.com)

Money Orders (Made out to Pacific Creative Studios)

Check* (made out to Pacific Creative Studios)

All cash or check payments are to be delivered in person or dropped off at the designated rent drop off box. There is a refundable $50 deposit for building keys which must be paid to the building owner and manager Wyman's Exchange.

 * Please note there is an additional $50-$100/month increase in rent per additional name on the lease and based upon the number of key sets given out. For the majority of our spaces, there is a limit of two-3 tenants per studio. Additionally, pricing for studios can change based upon industry, business model, or other factors revealed during the tour or interview process. 


Property Security

There is now 24 hour security around the building and limited security within the studio spaces. The main doors for all the studios are to remain closed at all times. At no time is the floor open to public flowing foot traffic. Any incoming traffic is by invite only. The Member is encouraged to purchase their own renter’s insurance policy especially if the unit space rented contains a higher number of expensive equipment. We are NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGED PROPERTY AS A RESULT OF THEFT, OR NATURAL ELEMENTS DAMAGE LIKE ROOF LEAKS FROM EXCESSIVE RAIN, EARTHQUAKES, FIRE, HURRICANES, ETC. Additionally, some Members have their own security cameras protecting their assets. The Member shall save Landlord harmless and indemnify Landlord from all injury, loss, claims or damage to any person or property while on the leased premises. To maintain the security of all tenants, we ask that tenants refrain from having excessive foot traffic and guests. We ask that guest be limited to clients, working personnel, etc. Large parties for the purpose of socializing are not encouraged. Consistent and excessive foot traffic could result in verbal or written warnings. ALL GUESTS ARE TO BE ACCOMPANIED by a supervising Member (or an approved individual in the lease.) Any guests found unsupervised will be asked to leave the premises. Any guests looking for a non-present tenant will not be allowed on the spaces and asked to wait outside in the main hallway area.

Utility Policy

PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL TVS, ACS, HEATERS, FANS, COMPUTERS, ETC ARE SHUT OFF AT THE TIME OF LEAVING THE STUDIO FOR THE DAY/NIGHT. The $400 electric fee applies to every tenant. This fee applies to all 12 month leases. (A $300 payment is assessed for 6 month leases.) This fee may be paid $200 at the time of signing this lease and $200 the following month. Also please make sure to shut off any hall lights and lamps if you feel that you are the last one to leave the premises.   

Use Of Your Studio Space

As mentioned, the studio / office space is to be used for WORK PURPOSES. We are given a lot of creative freedom with what we do with our spaces, meaning you can change flooring, paint the walls, and in some cases, even tear down walls. Any flooring, structural, or actual construction changes have to be submitted in form of high end sketches or CAD program for approval by Atlantic Creative Studios and the Wyman’s Exchange property owner. At the end of your stay with us, we ask that you paint your walls to soft white if you altered them and if we see a change is needed. Any damages to the property including walls, lighting, flooring, exterior space, doors, etc. will result in a Repair Fee which will be assessed at the time of your departure and due within 30 days of your last day.

We reserve the right to inspect your studio space AT ANY TIME but not without notice to the tenant of not less than one hour's time. This most usually will be the result of a city inspection from the fire department, code inspectors, etc, but may also be a mandate from the building owner or if we suspect there is any illegal activity such as smoking or otherwise. We will send you a text and/or call you in advance with a warning. For this reason we ask that you keep your studio / office in a professional and clean condition.  

Lease Termination:

In the case that you have to terminate your lease prior to the above ending date, there is a termination fee equaling to one month’s rent accompanied with at least a 30 day written notice of termination plans. This termination fee is to be paid by FIRST DAY of your last month if possible. If you have already paid your last month in advance, you may give your 30 day notice, pay the fee, and your rent for that month would be covered under your initial payment. If you can find someone to take over your space and continue your lease without lease disruption we will waive the termination fee. Please note the new member would have to sign up for a new lease for no less than a 6 month period.

additional benefits:

Members of Atlantic Creative Studios enjoy 24 hr acces, 24 hr security, discounts on marketing services, opportunities to teach within our after school program (coming soon), and exclusive private and shared working spaces to fit most budgets. More will roll out in the coming year so stay tuned! Aloha and welcome to club. 


Cam Preciado, Founder & CEO  II  Atlantic Creative Studios, a Pacific Creative Studios Brand  II  


2019/20 ACS Membership Application Form

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